Our Steelmaster stainless steel wet deburring machine is compatible with a wide range of metal materials and sizes including as small as 26 gauge metal or as large as ΒΌ inch in thickness. The machine has 2 heads up front that knock the slag off the laser while the 3rd head rolls the edge over. The process produces a shiny brush finish onto the sheet metal parts put through this finishing machine.

The Torex deburr machine is a vibratory tumble finishing system that uses a shaking process with ceramic rocks that are constantly turning and vibrating against the sheet metal parts until they emerge burr free.



The Capital Weld Cleaner uses precision technology to instantly clean discoloration from recently welded metal materials using an efficient electro-chemical process. This stainless steel cleaning tool helps speed up the production process and creates a better looking finished product.

We also offer sand blasting as a finishing process if desired.